Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Governance

The trust has a solid corporate governance framework and a management team with extensive experience in the infrastructure and energy sector in Mexico. This successfully aligns the interests between the Manager and the Shareholders through the issuance of a single series of shares accompanied by an operating structure based on an annual budget prepared based on costs approved by the Trust's governing bodies.
The structure of the Trust's Corporate Governance bodies has been designed taking into account the best market practices with the objective of strengthening and optimizing decision making.
The Trust has a Technical Committee composed of a majority of Independent Members and two auxiliary committees (Audit Committee and Conflicts Committee) composed entirely of Independent Members. These provide independence in strategic decision making and minimizing conflicts of interest as well as related party transactions. The power to make business decisions has been distributed among various decision-making bodies, each with different powers and responsibilities.
In accordance with the provisions of healthy practices and online with the requirements of the holders, FEXI21 is developing specific indicators and metrics to fully Compliance with Environmental, Social and Government Criteria Corporate (ASG or ESG for its acronym in English).